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I 'm an art school drop out with a ceramic piece in the permanent collection of the Oakland Museum of  California.  I abandoned my art career and became an artist.  I started a family, built a community,  and rock a corporate career in retail and tech.  I'm a San Franciscan by way of  Jersey.  And you know what they say about us! You can take the girl outta Jersey but you can't take the Jersey outta the girl!.


 I can't seem to ignore my intuition no matter how hard I try!  There is more.  I need to be creative and I need to be fulfilled.  Creativity is my fulfillment.  Fulfillment is my creativity. I use the power of storytelling, drawing, and dance,  to transform myself and inspire others to create.   


"Is it art?" I love this question and I ask it often.  And then, I remember the answer is irrelevant.  Why, because it’s subjective. My art or non art is transcendent.  It is the process, the need to create. It is messy, imperfect, female and political. It will touch the part in you that you forgot to nurture. It will touch the part in you that is longing to awaken to create. If you are already creating it will touch you too! 


click to check out the audio/video to my recent pieces 

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